Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why did Sarah Palin resign?

This is what many Americans and I are asking ourselves? Unless you live in a barn, Gov. Sarah Palin announced her decision 4th of July weekend to resign from office later this month. She said she didn't want to go through the "lame duck" phase of her term. Also, she believed there were other ways for her to serve Alaska. By the way, did you catch the "basketball" analogy she used. It went something like, "A good point guard knows when to pass the ball." (Clever but somewhat annoying)

So, why did she resign? Some believe it is to handle legal/ethics issues in Alaska. Others say to seek privacy to protect her and her family from media scrutiny. Some even say to begin on reaching possible ambitions for the White House.

As many of you have figured out, I consider myself a conservative politically. I don't fully agree with her decision to resign. She should have just sucked it up and finished her term. You don't just quit. It's not like she murdered someone, attempted to sell a political office and participated in a prostitution ring. She claims there are other ways for her to serve the state. I am sorry, Gov. Palin, you must finish what you started which is your term in office. If you're not able to accomplish anything during the "lame duck" phase, fine. At least you can say you did what could giving it 100 percent.

If she did it to escape the public eye and to protect her family from media scrutiny, her decision can be a little more justified. When David Letterman says your daughter got knocked up from A-Rod at a Yankees game, I would want to protect my family as well if I was in her shoes. However, if she did it to escape media scrutiny AND to begin her road to the White House, she's a fool. Number one: she and her family will have to face criticism from the public AGAIN and number two: she should NOT run for president. She's too delucional (sp?) for national office and, yes I am sorry, a little too small-town sheltered hockey mom.(Yes I went there. I grew up in small town in the Midwest)

Sure Sarah Palin has her fans. Perhaps she can go on the talk show route a la Mike Huckabee or make speaking engagements. I could see her doing well there, but running this country. Heck no. She has a lot going for her if she goes that route, but a higher office than Governor. I don't think so. That's when she needs to be like a spectator in the bleachers at basketball game cheering on the team-the GOP.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Why Voters Should Consider Romney

Okay, Mitt Romney is popping up more and more-making numerous appearances on major news shows, speaking engagements and writing op-eds for websites and magazines.

Since Mitt Romney spoke last night at the Virginia GOP state convention, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to provide my commentary on why Americans should vote for Romney if (well, it's pretty obvious he's making all of these appearances for a reason) and when he tries again for the White House in 2012.

1) Lowered taxes and spending: Romney pledged during his last presidential bid that he would decrease taxes and lower spending if elected President. In fact, he already did that as Massachusetts' governor. According to his biography on, the official web site of Romney's political action committee, the then-governor "balanced the budget every year of his administration without raising taxes or increasing debt."

Also, as President and CEO of the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Committee, Romney ensured fewer tax dollars were used than previous US Olympic games thanks to working with the private sector, according to a Sept. 2007 New York Times article. He collected $100 million from local companies who never gave sponsorship and increased sponsorship from $500 million to $860 million.

2) The cost of health care is a huge issue for many Americans right now. Obama and many Democrats want universal health care for all Americans which sounds fine and dandy on the surface. Where the heck will we get the money so everyone has insurance? Under the Democrats' plan, raise taxes.

In his Newsweek magazine op-ed he wrote in May, Romney has a better solution. The former governor recommends making health care consumer/market driven, not controlled by the government who has no clue. He proposes using the tens of billions of dollars the government gives to hospitals for free health care to help people buy and keep their own health insurance. For those who can afford insurance yet expect to be given free health care at the hospital will be required to pay for their own care or buy insurance.

3) Finally, Romney would be proactive, not reactive when it comes to terrorism and protecting our country. In my view, Obama, most Democrats and many Americans forgot what happened on Sept. 11. If Obama continues his actions on foreign policy, we could experience another national tragedy.

The same day Obama gave his speech on nuclear disarmament on his European tour, North Korea fired a nuclear missle which landed in the Pacific Ocean. What did Obama do? Nothing. According to Jeffrey Emanuel's May 27 column on the CBS News Web site, Emanuel writes that Obama only uses words to stop terrorism which does absolutely nothing. Also, he writes that Obama is demonstrating that he is clearly unsure how to handle North Korea.

Romney has also criticized Obama for doing nothing when it comes to such countries.

There you have it: reasons and examples on why we should consider Romney for the job. Obama is proving that his "Change" provides no hope at all. If and when Romney is elected in 2012, that is the change we, as Americans, can believe in.